Case Study on Netflix

Shefali Dhingra
4 min readNov 16, 2020


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This case is focussed on User Interface Design of the video streaming platform Netflix.

Contents for the case study are as following:

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Survey
  • Problem Statement
  • Target Users
  • User Suggestions
  • Task Flow
  • Medium Fidelity Wireframe

According to a survey conducted, it was concluded that Hotstar Premium and Amazon Prime video were some of the video streaming platforms which people preferred other than Netflix. The comparative analysis was majorly done for the prime concerns of the user and why they felt the need to switch platforms.

Netflix offers a range, but it comes with a price which most of the users considered high/not feasible as it offers only monthly subscriptions (In India) while Hotstar premium and Amazon prime were offered at reasonable prices with yearly subscription options.


I conducted a survey and the following results were obtained:


Upon analyzing the results of the survey, I reached upon the following problem statements:

  • Firstly, one of the major problems is not finding relevant content fast enough. It means that the users are spending a lot of time scrolling through irrelevant content that they won't engage with.
  • Secondly, users prefer to watch content based on either IMDb ratings and suggestions of their friends instead of choosing the content suggested by Netflix’s Algorithm


A large part of the survey was focused on young adults i.e. people in the age bracket 18 to 27. Other age groups such as users below the age of 15 and users in the age bracket 28 to 35 were present in small numbers.

Upon asking these users about the changes they wish to see in Netflix’s interface, they recommended the following:

“Decrease the no. of recommended series”

“Provide more location based suggestions”

“Offer an yearly plan which is more reasonable”

“Better quality video options for 1/2 screen subscriptions”

“Include more movies and series, the content I like is very limited”

“Provide ratings by external resources”


So what is the basic task flow of Netflix? How does Netflix work?

Here is a basic Task flow diagram for Netflix:

(I referred to another case study for a refined Task flow diagram. I tried to search for it but in vain. I’ll add the link if I stumble across that blog again)


For the first problem statement, I came up with the following solution and designed a basic interface for the same.

According to the survey, most of the users prefer the content suggested by their friends and content with high IMDb ratings. Instead of adding a ‘recommended for you’ section we can add a section for ‘high IMBb ratings’ and another for ‘Friends recommendations’ (what your friends are watching/recommending) which could be more efficient and reduce the time the users spend in browsing for good content.

For the second problem statement, I decided to design an interface in which the user can see the IMDb ratings for their selected content while watching the preview so as to avoid visiting the IMDb website for rating analysis.

That’s all for this case study. I hope it was useful.

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